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Get better finishing in your Plastic Products, making them from our finest quality Resins Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Recycled PVC Granules & Granules...

About Us

SHRI BABA PRODUCTS is best Reprocessed Plastic Granules Manufacturer in Delhi,  Plastic has become one of the most used raw materials of the world due to its low cost and splendid finishing. Many products of diverse industries including automotive spares, furniture, bottles, disposable items, plumbing pipes & fittings, etc. are extensively made worldwide from this material. For providing reasonable granules, resins and material that are needed for making plastic items, we, Shri Baba Products, are running our business. It's been more than a decade to our business formation and we are consistently growing in the market as a manufacturer and exporter by serving commendable raw materials for making plastic items. Extruded PVC Granules, Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Recycled PVC Granules, Insulating Resin and Virgin PVC are few of the products that have given us distinguished identity in the market.

Quality is the first concern of customers at the time of buying any item, knowing this, we give attention towards making and serving plastic raw material of A grade. From synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds/ polymers, our products are made in an excellent speed. The company also procures and uses finest quality color pigments to serve granules & resins of different colors. Further, our eminent company follows several environmental friendly policies, we strive to ensure that production of our gamut cause no or minimum harm to the nature and we never dispose the waste of our company in open.


Different companies have different requirements, a large scale plastic items may require raw material in bulk quantity, whereas a small or medium scale company will buy as per its orders' requirements. Knowing this, we deliver reprocessed plastic granules & resins to the honorable customers in packs of several quantities. All the packs of us are well sealed so that no impurity or fraud takes place during the transportation and our customers get the same dispatch high quality range. Further, for packing purpose, we source and use the finest quality material.

Our Passionate People

Employees of a company are pillar of it, they are responsible for carrying its business tasks and well serving the customers. And we, Shri Baba Products, are blessed to be supported by the people who are punctual, knowledgeable, dedicated and capable of accomplishing even the toughest works with ease. The production experts working for us stay updated with the developments in the field of granules & resins manufacturing techniques and market dynamics as a result we get the best range produced at our premise. Further, our sales & marketing experts look for the companies that make plastic items and approach them for enhancing the sales volume of us. Some other experts who are in our team includes:
  • Storekeepers
  • Packers
  • Accounts executives, etc.